Treat Autism with Cannabis Oil South Africa

Treat Autism with Cannabis Oil

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that appears within the first 3 years of a persons life. Autism results in the childs communication and social skills being most affected. We as a society, still do not really know what causes Autism, but what we do know is that new autism diagnosis are on the rise.

Statistically males are three to four times more likely to develop and suffer from autism. For some still unknown reason, the number of new autism cases has dramatically increased, but the scientific community it trying to link this to the fact that we are learning and developing new diagnosis methods and simply more individuals are being screened and diagnosed that was previously possible.

Typically we will see that the diagnosis for Autism will occur in the first 18 months of life as parents begin to notice that their child is struggling or not developing as quickly as his or her peers. The first indication that usually gets noticed is the verbal and non verbal communication as well as how the child socially engages with others.

Autism comes in a number of degrees of severity. Conventional medication for children that are autistic, is focused on treating the symptoms and not helping to deal with the cause. Medication is usually prescribed to autism suffers to treat bouts of aggression, compulsions, anxiety, ADHD attention issues ect. Cannabis oil is seen as a very effective non conventional treatment that will assist with treating all of the above mentioned, plus offer little in the way of adverse side effects. Which are common when conventional medication is introduced.

Here is a quote from a parent who used our cannabis oil on his Autistic son for the first time.
Michael had been having another horrible day before the dose. After 30 minutes we could see the Cannabis  Oil start to take effect. Michael’s behaviour became relaxed and far less anxious than he had been at the time we gave him the Cannabis Oil. Michael started laughing for the first time in weeks. My wife and I were astonished with the effect. It was as if all the anxiety, rage and hostility that had been haunting him melted away. That afternoon and evening his behaviour was steady and calm. He started talking to us and interacting with us again. Michael was physically more relaxed and began initiating physical contact with the motivation being affection instead of aggression. It was amazing! He went to sleep that night with no problem and slept through the night.

If you know of someone who has a autistic child. Please do not hesitate to get them to contact us today.

 Treat Autism with Cannabis Oil
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