3 Cannabis Oil Success Stories

We focus on 3 cannabis oil success stories here at Cannabis Therapy. The truth is that there are thousands of cannabis oil success stories out there. Ordinary people like you and me are discovering potent medical cannabis oil to treat our illnesses and pains. Cannabis oil success stories are positive truths that others can read and learn from.

We look at one woman who had HIV and depression, a 92 year old female who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease, and a 43 year old man who had colon cancer. These 3 success stories illustrate how cannabis oil worked to heal their maladies.

Mary Took Cannabis Oil for HIV and Depression

Mary* (names have been changed) suffered with major depression since her teenage years. She was immediately told to take anti-depressants at that young age. These drugs were part of the reason she tried to commit suicide several times. To make matters worse, Mary was then diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and cryptococcal meningitis. Her mouth was full of thrush and her brain was surrounded by a yeast infection. Her T-cell count went down to 7! The HIV virus kills T cells and their number goes down. A person has AIDS when their CD4 count is below 200 – a normal count is between 500-1500.

Mary is a cannabis oil success story. She says that she smoked cannabis every day to fight her depression. Little did she realise that it was masking her HIV symptoms. Suddenly she had full-blown AIDS. In other words, her ingestion of cannabis hid the fact her immune system was compromised by the HIV. She maintained her health up until the point her immune system actually caved in. The cannabis was a medication in itself and made this success story what it is. Doctors prescribed antiretroviral (ARV) therapy for her.

She said that in 9 months only, her viral load was at an acceptable level. Mary used cannabis for those 9 months, making a huge difference to boosting her immune system and alleviating symptoms of AIDS. This cannabis oil success story shows how Mary conquered her AIDS symptoms with cannabis oil and exercise only. She was able to stop all other anti-depressants and medications. She still takes ARVs and the cannabis oil relieves symptoms of nausea and headaches that are associated with AIDS. Mary takes tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabis oil which is the compound that makes you high. She manages it well by taking low and medium dose capsules during the day and high dose capsules at night. Mary says that cannabis oil chose her and she is grateful.

Gill’s Mom had Alzheimer’s Disease

Gill* has another cannabis oil success story to share with us. Her mom was 85 when she showed signs of dementia, which progressed into Alzheimer’s Disease. To add to her woes, she had a stroke at age 90 and could no longer speak. She was confined to a wheelchair. Her prescribed Alzheimer’s medicines left her mute and unable to respond. She appeared to be in shock most of the time.

Gill was using cannabis oil at the time to treat the arthritis in her fingers. Every now and again she would rub it into her mom’s stiff and dry arms. Slowly Gill noticed her mother’s arms getting softer. She started to use the cannabis oil as a medication on her mom’s arms. Gill did more research and began to give cannabis oil to her mom orally. Slowly she stopped her mom’s medicines, except the cannabis oil.

Gill’s mom is 92 now and can speak a bit. Best of all, she has developed a sense of humour and can hold eye contact with others. Her arms can move much more and she sleeps better. Gill makes her own cannabis oil and gives her mom chocolate cannabis sweets. She uses coconut oil and chocolates, melted into sweets. Gill has a license to grow and make her cannabis and is relieved that her mom is another cannabis oil success story.

Geoff is Cannabis Oil Success Story Number 3

Finally, a story about a man who had colon cancer.  Doctors recommended that Geoff take chemotherapy but it made him nauseous and he lost weight. So he decided to try the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD), and a tiny bit of THC. He takes 2 capsules a day, filled with a combination of CBD and THC cannabis oils. He feels better and has a new appetite, gaining weight every day. He is getting fit with snowboarding and golfing and has made healthy changes to his diet. Geoff is a cannabis oil success story and that makes 3.

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