Cannabis Oil Dosage South Africa

Cannabis Therapy want to give you an idea about what Cannabis oil dosage you should take to experience a real effect or benefit. From our experience, most of our patients require around 60ml of cannabis oil to push most cancers back into remission. To consumer 60ml of our Cannabis oil, it will take the average patient around 90 days to complete this quota. Remember that the 60ml/90 day treatment schedule is just a guideline but your body might respond quicker, or require slightly more than 60ml. The bottom line is that an effective cannabis oil treatment plan will put a serious dent in the development of the cancer.

Cannabis Oil Dosage South Africa

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We suggest that our patients begin the cannabis oil treatment by taking three doses of cannabis oil per a day. During the first week of treatment, we suggest that each dose measures about the same size as half a grain of white rice. Once you have been on the treatment protocol for a week, you can start the process of increasing the daily dose. We suggest in week two or three to start doubling the dose and you eventually want to get to a point where you are consuming 1 ml per day. Once you are at this point, the cannabis oil will be aggressively attacking the cancer cells. The treatment of 1 ml a day should continue till you have positive signs that the cancer is in remission.

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