Cannabis Oil South Africa

How is cannabis oil being used to treat a whole range of illnesses and many types of cancers?

It doesn’t matter whether you smoke it or vaporize it or partake in dabbing. All you need to know is how cannabis oil is being used to treat a whole range of illnesses and many types of cancers. And that cannabis oil can very easily be added to any normal cannabis that one would usually smoke in a traditional joint to further enhance the experience. Some people prefer to consume cannabis oil using a device called a vaporizing pen, or something similar. As soon as cannabis oil goes through a vaporising process, the cannabis oil present is heated to such a high temperature that is hot enough to effectively activate the cannabinoids that are present within the cannabis oil. This method of delivery is perfect for anyone who is not interested in smoking but still wants to feel the effects without the smoke.

What is the potency of cannabis oil in South Africa?

Our Cannabis oil is extremely potent. We pride ourselves on only using the best products and technology available in South Africa. All our cannabis products and cannabis oils are stringently tested. In our cannabis batches, the THC content that is achieved generally ranges from between 700 too 900 mg/gram of oil. Our team at Cannabis Therapy creates an extremely top quality CO2 hash oil that is never mixed with any foreign products Рwhich could lead to the lowering of the potency of our cannabis oils. All our products are 100% guaranteed to be pure, clean CO2 extracted cannabis oil.

What is the ideal way to store cannabis oil?

We always suggest that you store our cannabis oil in an air tight container that should be placed in a cool, low light area. This will help to preserve the potency of the oil and ensure that you get the maximum shelf life out of the product.

How does your lab testing benefit me as a patient?

At Cannabis Therapy we are very proud to confirm that we test every batch we produce to ensure that you as the client are always receiving the best cannabis products and cannabis oils available. We constantly perform quality control tests to make sure that we keep contamination to a minimum. Our product is definitely the best available on the market and the results from our patients confirm this.

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