Cannabis Oil Uses in South Africa

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is definitely one of the most powerful oils in the essential oil range because the plant has so many innate healing properties. Cannabis oil is seen as a highly potent essential oil and is proven to be one of the most effective oils for treating numerous serious illnesses including cancer and diabetes. Cannabis oil is expertly extracted from the flowers and upper leaves of cannabis plants (Cannabis genus) using steam distillation.

Cannabis Oil Uses

Besides its extensive medical applications, it is also found in perfumes, soaps, candles and some people use it in foods. Considering that this oil is so powerful, only very small amounts are necessary for it to have the desired effect.

Cannabis Oil uses!

Anxiety disorders and stress related illness: Cannabis oil works well to treat both stress and anxiety disorders. The healthy and natural compounds found within cannabis oil are extremely powerful and can release pleasure hormones that aid in relaxing the mind and drastically reducing stress.

Sleep related issues: Cannabis oil is fantastic for people who suffer from insomnia, or who experience constant anxiety during the night which causes restless sleep patterns. Or if you just feel tired all the time and you struggle to get a good night’s sleep, our cannabis oil works quickly to get you off to sleep. We assure you that once you have felt what a good night’s sleep is meant to feel like, you will never go back! Our Cannabis oil works by helping to relax the body and mind which in turn induces a lower energy level.

Appetite enhancer: Our cannabis oil can assist you with helping to regulate your appetite and thereby improve your hunger. Our cannabis oil is also great at improving your digestive system to help it operate at a more regular level. Our cannabis oil is fantastic for helping someone gain weight quickly after an extended illness.

Pain relief: Our Cannabis oil is very effective at helping to manage pain so we often suggest it to patients who are suffering inflammation and extreme chronic pain. Many of our cancer patients find their pain is more bearable when cannabis oil is being included in the cancer treatment.

Cancer prevention treatment: Our Cannabis Oil is powerful at helping to prevent the spread and growth of certain cancers. We see a large amount of patients who are undergoing cannabis therapy during the treatment of cancer and who are actually managing to push the cancer into retreat and even remission in certain circumstances.

Heart health treatment: Our Cannabis oil is fantastic at helping to improve heart heath. It is so powerful it can remove negative oils from your body and it helps to stimulate the antioxidant process. It also aids in the removal of excess cholesterol.

We have only listed a small number of illnesses and ailments that our Cannabis oil can treat. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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