Cannabis Therapy emphasizes the health and medicinal benefits of cannabis oil. Cannabis oil can:

  • reduce stress and anxiety,
  • improve quality of sleep,
  • boost appetite and dramatically optimize digestion,
  • reduce pain and inflammation,
  • prevent certain cancers,
  • attack more aggressive kinds of cancers,
  • strengthen heart health,
  • protect the skin and treat various skin conditions such as eczema.

This should be enough to convince you that cannabis oil is the next best therapy for your health. So many benefits!

More About Cannabis Oil Health Benefits

Cannabis oil is the thick, sticky ingredient that is removed from the cannabis leaves and plants. This resin contains numerous chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The two main cannabinoids are:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – a psychoactive compound prevalent in cannabis that makes the user high; mostly illegal as it is a controlled “drug” in most countries.
  • Cannabidiol (CBD) – a non-psychoactive, second most abundant compound found in cannabis, with few side effects; mostly legal, especially as medical cannabis.

Cannabis oil is an incredibly beneficial essential oil. It is ranked as one of best oils to alleviate certain diseases and illnesses. The powerful, green-yellow liquid is packed with mono-terpenes, sesqui-terpenes and numerous organic compounds called cannabinoids.

CBD is also found in perfumes, soaps, candles and some people use it in foods. Only very small amounts are necessary for a potent healing effect. As scientists garner more proof about its medical powers, so doctors prescribe cannabis oil as medication. And people are getting better. That is the bottom line – cannabis oil makes people better: mentally, emotionally and physically.

Cannabis oil is also called dagga olie, hemp oil, cbd oil and weed oil. Various methods are used to extract the oils and most of these contain THC and CBD. Many different cannabis strains are jointly called medical cannabis. A cannabis plant includes more than 400 different chemicals, of which about 70 are cannabinoids.

Many scientists have concluded that it is the ratio of CBD to THC that determines how therapeutic the medical cannabis oil will be. There should be more CBD than THC for medicinal purposes. The CBD mitigates the psychoactive qualities of the THC, rendering a potent medication that can successfully treat many disorders.

Further Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

  • Miracle cure for anxiety and stress related disorders – cannabinoids help release pleasure hormones and relax the mind. This reduces stress and instils a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • Insomnia and other sleep issues – cannabinoids relax the body and mind, inducing a lower energy level. Find it easier to get your heart rate down and clear your head. Get a guaranteed best night’s sleep!
  • Appetite booster – a wonderful aide for skinny people who need to put on weight, or who are on medication which inhibits their appetite. Valuable for gaining weight after an illness or a serious injury.
  • Pain reliever – works well for inflammation or pain. Dramatically reduces pain associated with chemotherapy.
  • Prevention of certain types of cancers – reduces the size of tumours, therefore making it easier to beat the cancer.
  • Improves heart health – removes negative oils in the body. A great antioxidant that removes excess cholesterol, thereby improving cardiovascular health.
  • Protects the skin – consume the oil internally or use it topically to help boost the production of new skin cells. Helps with signs of aging: wrinkle reduction, scar tissue repair, eczema.
  • Prevents Glaucoma – dramatically reduces chances of macular degeneration.
  • Headaches and migraines – apply some cannabis oil to your temples to reduce the inflammation and pain.

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