Ensure Your Health By Buying Cannabis Oil

You can buy cannabis oil from Cannabis Therapy to enhance your health. We recommend buying one cannabinoid or chemical compound found in the cannabis plant called cannabidiol (CBD). This product does not cause a high as it is not psychoactive therefore it is easier to find and has treated many illnesses known to mankind for centuries.

You can use your cannabis oil in various ways once you have decided that buying it will aid your health. Get the tincture, or the capsules, suppositories, cream orĀ  to ensure you take the right dose in the right way. Your method of intake will depend on what you are treating so get advice from your doctor or from us at Cannabis Therapy. CBD is a wonderful all-round health therapy that has been shown to treat many conditions that people suffer from daily.

Improve your health with CBD

Studies done on animals have found that CBD protects the brain from inflammation and pain which makes it perfect for treating disorders such as depression, anxiety and addiction. As an essential chemical compound or cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, CBD does not directly affect the cannabinoid receptors in the body but rather signals indirectly to the receptors and is able to stimulate the body into producing more endocannabinoids. It stops enzymes breaking these down and the body therefore maintains its immune balance far better.

The other cannabinoid derived from cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC which acts differently from CBD – it is a psychoactive compound which interacts directly with the body’s cannabinoid receptors, which is where the high comes from. Now let’s take a look at how the CBD treats certain illnesses.

Buying CBD can Ensure Your Health

  • Cancer – avoid cancer when you buy cannabis oil as studies have shown that the cannabidiol (CBD) can affect the way cancer cell reproduce and stop the formation and movement of tumours in and around the body. Look out for evidence from ongoing studies about cancer and cannabis therapy.
  • Skin conditions and Acne – CBD reduces inflammation in the body and is able to relieve stress – both of which are underlying causes of acne.
  • Stress – stress causes anxiety and anxiety causes stress so buy CBD to ease all your fight or flight symptoms in our crazy world. Researchers think that the CBD alters the manner in which receptors in the brain react to seratonin which assists with mental health. Taking CBD for anxiety has proven to assist with heart rate, insomnia and post-traumatic stress disorder. It also stimulates appetite and promotes relaxation.
  • Pain – CBD interacts with receptors in the brain to reduce the effects of pain – this also applies to the side-effects of chemotherapy and other medicines so often doctors prescribe CBD alongside chemotherapy when they are treating cancer. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which acts against pain and already it is being used to treat arthritis, muscle pain, spinal cord injuries and other painful illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis and Fibromyalgia.

Chat to us at Cannabis Therapy about your health needs and we will advise you about buying cannabis oil to treat your conditions.


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