Take Cannabis Oil for Your Migraines

You can take cannabis oil for your migraines. This means that you can stop taking other medications that may have serious side effects. Some side effects from conventional meds include fingers and toes going blue, one side of the body going numb, mental confusion and even death! Cannabis was used to treat migraines for nearly 50 years between 1874 and 1942 in the United States of America. Then it was banned but a few doctors allowed the use of cannabis for migraine therapy. Today there is a choice – take cannabis oil for migraines or buy conventional opiates with terrible side effects.

Find the Right Strain of Cannabis Oil for the Pain

It may take time before you find the right strain of cannabis oil for your migraines. The two main cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), both have antioxidant qualities so are able to reduce oxidative stress. One of the main triggers for migraines is oxidative stress. When our bodies process oxygen and make energy, free radicals also result which can cause damage to our cells. We do need some free radicals as they also help cells to repair themselves. Oxidative stress occurs when the process of repair is overwhelmed by the damage being done and there are more free radicals than antioxidants. Then you get migraines as the body tries to fight off inflammation and bacteria.

CBD and THC-Infused Cannabis Oils Treat Migraines

You can take CBD to reduce this process happening in your body and to reduce the pain of the migraine as CBD immediately treats the inflammation. THC-infused cannabis oil is a great treatment for what is known as excitotoxicity. This is caused by a an accumulation glutamate, a neurotransmitter that helps us to think. Glutamate is toxic when there is too much and you then get a migraine. CBD and THC can both treat migraines by increasing the level of seratonin in your brain. Seratonin is called the happy chemical and also helps combat depression. The cannabis oil decreases inflammation in the brain which helps patients who suffer multiple sclerosis as one of their main symptoms is migraines. Cannabis oils rich in CBD and THC also block receptors that control nausea and vomiting, other migraine-associated symptoms. People who suffer migraines tend to feel very nauseous before and during the pain in their heads.

Cannabis Oil is an Excellent Anti-Inflammatory

Take cannabis oil for your migraines as both CBD and THC are excellent anti-inflammatory substances. Patients who take conventional anti-inflammatories are doing untold damage to their livers and kidneys. But with cannabis oil there are no side effects, only effective relief. Tests done on people with Alzheimer’s Disease revealed that small doses of THC actually raised the level of mitochondrial functioning therefore ceasing oxidative stress. This can really help migraine sufferers where oxidative stress is the root of their problems.

Cannabis oil can be used for your migraines as it reduces the triggers for migraines – inflammation, oxidative stress, glutamate and seratonin. Contact us at Cannabis Therapy for advice on which cannabis method will suit you.



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