Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Our team at Cannabis Therapy have put this article together to explain why patients of ours that actually use cannabis products have an improved chance of fighting any cancer they are diagnosed with. Cannabis is clearly an amazing plant that has the medicinal properties to cure and treat a massive number of illnesses and ailments.
In starting this article, let us clear up exactly what the medical term of cure refers too when dealing with Cancer. Cure is a word not used very often within the oncology world. To be handed the term cure by a oncologist the patient needs to have survived for a period of 5 years without and evidence of cancer within their system.
Cannabis is a truly amazing medicine for many cancer treatment related side effects, such as vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea, anxiety, insomnia and depression. A lot of our patients contact us asking if we can promise that our cannabis products will cure their cancer. The truth is that we simply cannot make that blind promise. There are many different types of cancers and peoples bodies react differently to both our product and the traditional cancer treatments. What we can confirm is that we have a whole host of patients who started our cancer treatment protocol and have managed to push the cancer into remission.
Do these patients feel that our cannabis product has cured them. Most of them would say without hesitation yes and its for this reason we keep pushing out the message. When you have been dealt the cancer card, you need to fight it with everything you can. This means conventional and non conventional therapies.
New scientific evidence is being concluded every year that shows that cannabis is shown great promise in inhibiting and reducing the growth of certain kinds of cancer tumours. Including but not limited too breast, brain, liver and leukemia, melanoma and many other kinds of aggressive cancers.
What is clear to us is that cannabis in the very least helps to prolong and improve the quality of the cancer patients life. For our patients that eventually succumbed to the cancer. They all experienced twice to three times the diagnosed length of expected life span. One case in particular saw us treating a patient with pancreatic cancer that had been given 3 months to live. He had given up on treatment and was just treating the symptoms. We started him on our cancer protocol and he managed to survive another 3 years.
Do we see this as a failure in our product, due to the fact he was not cured? No, we believe that through our intervention he managed to get 33 more months on earth with his family. 31 of those 33 were in pretty good health.
Cancer is a horrible disease but if you would like to know more about our cancer protocol and how it could help you today. Please do not hesitate to contact us today.
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