What is acquired hypothyroidism?

Hyperthyroidism is a serious medical condition that has the ability to greatly affect the lives of the patient and his or her loved ones alike. Unfortunately this is not as well-known disease as many who are closely familiar with it might believe – in fact most people have no idea what it is. The condition that is known as “Acquired Hypothyroidism” is a condition that results in the thyroid gland producing too little thyroid hormone. This condition can occur during the childhood period and will usually start affecting a child from as young as of 6 months. The thyroid gland is an organ which is found in the front of ones’ neck. The thyroid produces chemicals that are essential in helping your body to function normally. Some of the functions that the thyroid helps to regulate is the body temperature, growth and heart rate. A persons thyroid also affects how your body utilizes energy and this can affect a patients’ weight gain and weight loss.

What are the symptoms and signs of acquired hypothyroidism?

The symptoms and signs of acquired hypothyroidism may vary depending on the child’s age.

  • Early symptoms and signs :
    • Dry, flaky skin or thin and brittle fingernails or hair.
    • Coarse or dull-looking facial features.
    • Hoarseness and large tongue.
    • Bulging soft mass in the belly button.
    • Delay or failure in growth and development.
    • Large arm and leg muscles.
  • Later signs and symptoms:
    • Feeling depressed, irritable, or lacking energy.
    • Problems moving his bowel, such as constipation.
    • Delay in sexual development, like breasts or testes.
    • Feeling too cold when the temperature is just right or normal for everyone else.
    • Teeth may erupt (appear) late, learning, speech, or behaviour problems
    • Swelling of his whole body, very slow heartbeat, and troubled breathing.


While this a complicated and possibly fatal disease, cannabis oil has shown promising results in treating the affliction. New studies are being conducted to further our knowledge on the condition and how cannabis oil has the ability to cure it.

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