A Quick Buyer’s Guide to purchasing a great quality Cannabis Oil in South Africa

At the moment there are lots of various cannabis oils available in South Africa. From pure and raw to refined and synthetic.

With all the information available on the internet and making its rounds – we have decided to put this article together to explain to our readers what to look for when purchasing cannabis oil and what we, at Cannabis Therapy do to help you find the best medical cannabis available on the market.


Lets start from the legalities. Is medical cannabis oil legal in South Africa?

Yes and no. To be honest we are in a bit of the grey zone at the moment. The legislation hasn’t been changed, but the ruling of the judge Davis in February 2017 stated that you can have cannabis in your garden for the private use. And since our legislation is based on the case law, nobody else can be prosecuted for the offence of possession differently. So basically when you own some cannabis, you might go to court and be prosecuted with the outcome no different to what judge Davis stated in his ruling recently. No jail time etc.


Since the industry is not regulated yet – there is no actual licencing authority that would test the contents and certify the product.

Very few producers are able to provide the data about their product. There are no certainties when it comes to purchasing the cannabis oil from unknown sources. The best suppliers are able to provide information about extraction process, strain contents (THC, CBD, THCA, CBN) and production method. If they are not able to answer these simple questions – stay away.

If you are looking for a clean and organic product, try to avoid ingredients like MCT fluid or alcohol. Rather look for organic coconut butter or other dissolvent. Also always ask about extraction method – black oil in a syringe might be the most popular method described online, but it is over 40 years old, and these days we know, that it is not the best and many beneficial properties of the cannabis plant are lost in a process.

Medical use of the cannabis oil

In the recent months, due to loosening laws around cannabis – there has been an increased interest in medical and curing properties of the cannabis oil. First of all, please make sure that you are educated about the types of oils that can be produced by the cannabis plant. In short:

THC component – makes you happy. In medicinal use, great for pain relief and uplifting mood. Fantastic for cancer and depression.

CBD component – chills you out.Great for ADHD, autism, cancer, depression, Parkinson’s and fibromyalgia.

CBN component – gives you a great night sleep. Absolute savour for patients with insomnia, sleep-apnoea and stress.

Yet, it is very difficult to get each component in its purest form. All string will always include some traces of THC, CBD and CBN. Unless you go for a synthetic plant, grown in lab conditions, getting a pure strain is not easy. Getting synthetic components is actually missing the point of natural therapy.

The best and the most popular compound is a CBD/THC mix.

Is your cannabis oil of a good quality?

Lab test are not widely available in South Africa and only few producers can actually tell the contents of their product. But the rule of thumb is that lighter the oil, the better it medicinal value. Try to stay away from black oils that are not see-through even when held against a bright light.

Oils can be solid or liquid – depending on the extraction method. The coconut based, organic cannabis oil will get slightly solid in low temperatures, when the ones mixed with the synthetic MCT fluid will always stay liquid.

Where to buy cannabis oil online in South Africa

There are many providers openly trading online. If you are interested in purchasing a great quality cannabis oil. Contact us here.

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