Did you know that you can now treat autism with cannabis oil? There has been an increase in autism cases in children. ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a growing phenomenon. More parents are wondering whether they can treat Autism with cannabis oil? Medical drugs seem so severe. Parents do not want to leave the child to cope alone either. This presents a parenting and health dilemma.

Natural therapies like cannabis oil may just be the way to go to treat autism. Autism is a developmental disorder that appears within the first three years of life. When a child is diagnosed with Autism, his/her social and communication skills are most affected. The cause or causes of Autism remain unclear. New autism research is making important discoveries. So can we treat autism with cannabis oil?

More About Autism

Data shows that boys are 75% more likely to develop autism than girls. For some unknown reason, the number of autism cases has radically increased. The scientific community has been working hard to find out why as they try to learn and develop new diagnosis methods. More individuals are being screened and more diagnosed with autism than ever before.

Generally, the diagnosis for Autism will arise within the first 18 months of life. This is when parents begin to notice that their child is struggling to develop at the same pace as other children their age. Usually, the initial indication is verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as how the child  interacts socially with others. Autism can exhibit a range of degrees of severity. Conventional medication for autism focuses on treating the symptoms rather than finding the cause of the illness. Medication is prescribed to autism sufferers in order to treat aggression, anxiety, compulsive disorders, ADHD, and many other symptoms.

Cannabis Oil to Treat Autism

Cannabis oil is an effective non-conventional treatment that will help treat autism and its many side-effects. Luckily, it has few to nil adverse side effects. Side effects are very common whenever conventional medication is introduced as a treatment. Cannabis oil treats anxiety and seizures, speech and aggression. According to BAS Research, “CBD has shown promising results as a treatment for a variety of conditions, many of which are otherwise not treatable. The most well-known properties are the neuroprotective, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, besides possessing therapeutic value to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, and dependence.”

A parent who used Cannabis Therapy cannabis oil to treat his Autistic son for the first time reported back with the following:

Michael had another horrible day before the dose. After 30 minutes we noticed the Cannabis Oil starting to take effect. Michael’s behaviour became more relaxed and far less anxious than he had been prior to receiving the Cannabis Oil. Michael was laughing for the first time in weeks. My wife and I were flabbergasted by the effects of the oil. It was as if all the rage, anxiety and hostility that had been haunting him, simply melted away. That afternoon and evening his behaviour was calm and steady. He seemed better as he started talking to us and interacting with us. Michael was physically far more relaxed and began initiating physical contact with the incentive being affection rather than aggression. He went to sleep that night without any problems and slept through the entire night.

This is indeed proof of how amazing cannabis oil really is. Cannabis Therapy encourages you to read some of our blog posts and watch a few videos on YouTube. You are also more than welcome to contact us.