Cannabis capsules are available in South Africa. Most people are probably familiar with the traditional way in which cannabis is consumed. This is smoking the dried plant. But smoking is problematic. It is an effective way to get the cannabinoids into your blood stream. Cannabis Therapy sells capsules of cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or a combination of the two cannabinoids.

Smoking causes noxious smoke. And this smoke causes the obvious danger of lung cancer and general damage to your respiratory system. Smoking is becoming so old-school. Cannabis Therapy is talking cannabis capsules.

Take Cannabis Capsules for Health

When you consume cannabis oil in capsules, you know you will get a steady dose. Each cannabis plant offers differing degrees of THC or CBD. But some of the best capsules are pre-dosed, combined with 100% organic coconut butter and made from natural gelatine for better absorption by the body. THC affects the mind, being psychoactive; CBD is non psychoactive and successfully helps to mitigate the effects of THC.

More about THC vs CBD

Cannabis also varies in intensity and affects young people, old people, sick people and healthy people differently. Remember that taking CBD is non-toxic and will not affect you negatively. Taking THC will give you a high – make you feel euphoric – and may cause other side effects if not managed. Taking CBD and THC as a blend, where CBD is stronger, works well as the psychoactive qualities of the THC are then mitigated. CBD is non-psychotic and an antioxidant.

  • THC can assist the body as an appetite stimulant, pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. CBD has numerous benefits for the body especially inflammation, energy and pain.
  • THC is available mainly as edibles and powerful extracts; CBD comes in the form of tinctures, drops, capsules and suppositories. Both can come in creams for muscle and joint pain.

Cannabis Capsules vs Smoking Cannabis

Smoking is not in fashion anymore and for good reason. Too many harmful chemicals are released when the cannabis is ignited. Cannabis capsules are better than smoking:

  • Cannabis Capsules have a steadier dosage – there are 30 drops of pure cannabis oil in each cannabis – be assured that you will get a steady dose.
  • Cannabis Capsules do not smell at all – taking your cannabis oil this way is a great alternative to the conventional smoking method. It is discreet and convenient too.

Learn more about how these great products can help you. Give us a call today. Our team at Cannabis Therapy includes knowledgeable professionals who have dedicated their resources and energy to spreading the word about the wonderful medicinal benefits in the cannabis plant. We are also only starting to scratch the surface with what this plant is capable of treating. We constantly post information about developments so watch this space. Please visit our site daily for up to date news.