7 Amazing Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil

Our team at Cannabis Therapy have put this article together to highlight 7 amazing health benefits of cannabis oil. At Cannabis Therapy we have chosen organic coconut oil as a carrier for our cannabis oils. Medical studies have shown that the combination of medical grade cannabis oil and organic coconut oil can help relieve pain, fight cancer, improve the immune system, boost reasoning abilities, reduce inflammation, increase the metabolism and protect heart health. Check out these 7 amazing health benefits of cannabis oil:

Benefits of the Cannabis Oil & Coconut Oil Combination 

Heart Health: The healthy fats found in coconut oil are actually beneficial forms of cholesterol and can help lower your levels of “bad” cholesterol in the body. THC is also known to lower blood pressure, making this combination an all-around boost for your cardiovascular health.

Inflammation: One of the main applications for THC and cannabinoids is inflammation associated with arthritis, injuries, and other conditions within the body. Similarly, coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe the stomach, and, when topically applied, cannabis-infused coconut oil can also help clear up irritation on the skin.

Metabolism: Coconut oil can stimulate the metabolism – research has shown that energy expenditure is roughly 3-4% higher in those who regularly take coconut oil, which is equivalent to more than 100 calories every day!

Cognition: THC has long been associated with improving cognition, reducing oxidative stress in the brain, and even preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Combined with coconut oil’s antioxidant properties, this can be a powerful boost for your brain.

CancerOne of the most exciting developments regarding cannabis oil is its potential effect on cancer prevention. THC and other cannabinoids are being researched heavily in terms of their effect on the spread of cancer, as well as for pain treatment.

Pain Relief: As mentioned, THC is considered an extremely effective painkiller with very few side effects, unlike pharmaceuticals and morphine-derived pills. Coconut oil allows more THC to bind to the fat cells, making the cannabis oil more powerful and better able to function as an analgesic.

Anxiety and Sleep Disorders: Some of the constituents in coconut oil can help regulate hormones due to the release of ketones in the liver. Similarly, THC is closely linked to reductions in anxiety and stress, and can also help with sleep disorders and insomnia.

If you enjoyed reading about the 7 amazing health benefits of cannabis oil and would like to know more about this amazing product, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly consultants today.

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