Adults with ADHD may use cannabis therapy to cope with sleep and attention-related issues, according to a recent study from the University of California.

Cannabis use is statistically higher among individuals who suffer from concentration related issues. While the exact reason is still debated, medical researchers believe that some patients may use cannabis to cope with certain symptoms related to ADHD and other spectrum conditions. Another study clarifies that parents need to be educated about the safe use of cannabis oil for their children. Especially when it comes to attention deficit disorder and autism.

Cannabis Oil offers a natural solution

A recent study, led by Jean Gehricke Ph.D, of the University of California’s School of Medicine, adds support to this belief, having found that those who use cannabis more frequently seem to suffer from more severe ADHD symptoms and are therefore looking for a sustainable solution. The results, published in the journal Psychiatry Research, also suggest a difference between men and women who use cannabis.

“Men and women may be using cannabis for different reasons, which include an attempt to self-medicate the symptoms associated with ADHD and decreased sleep quality, respectively.”

This particular study involved 56 men and 20 women who all suffered with varying degrees of ADHD symptoms. While the difference between genders was not expected, the authors note that previous studies also showed a pattern of self-medication among ADHD sufferers who use cannabis and its derivatives.

Cannabis Oil can Help

Recent findings from a group at the University at Albany suggest that cannabis and its derivatives may also help with symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity. But researchers have yet to investigate cannabis as a clinical treatment for ADHD. THis makes it unclear whether cannabis is truly helpful and, if so, what dose is required to achieve benefits.

What is clear is that cannabis and its derivatives certainly assist individuals who are suffering from symptoms associated with concentration and cognitive issues. CBD oil is one of the best examples of a natural therapy. This oil is derived from cannabis but it does not get the patient high. This is a wonderful treatment for children who are suffering from learning disorders such as ADHD and Autism, to name a few.

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