Can Cannabis Oil Heal Cancer Wounds?

Can cannabis oil heal cancer wounds? A recent report offers evidence that it does and that the effects of cannabis on human health could be far more beneficial than it is harmful. A cancer patient from Canada stated that cannabis oil effectively treated the wound that was caused by his disease after many other drugs had failed to treat it.

The 44-year-old cancer patient suffered from oral cancer. The illness created a large hole in his cheek and the cannabis oil reportedly helped to slightly reduce the size of this wound.

The drug also lessened the pain that was caused by the wound. Earlier studies have already shown that cannabis can treat pain that is caused by cancer. This patients’ case appears in the journal, Pain and Symptom Management. The report encouraged more researchers to do studies in order to determine whether cannabis oil has wound-healing properties.

According to Dr. Vincent Maida, an associate professor in the Division of Palliative Care at the University of Toronto, ancient cultures used cannabis extracts to treat wounds. It really confirms what has been known for ages regarding the utility of cannabinoids in so many versatile areas.

The Effects of Cannabis on Health: New Evidence of Cannabis Benefits

Dr. Maida first tried to treat the man’s wounds in 2016.  The patient attempted taking opioid medications before visiting Dr. Maida’s clinic. The drug, however, failed to lessen the excruciating pain in his cheek and caused unpleasant side effects, such as constipation and drowsiness.

He then asked Dr. Maida to prescribe medical cannabis to treat his pain. The doctor therefore gave him vaporized cannabis oil which greatly reduced the pain.

However, as the wound grew, the cancer prohibited the patient from using the drug. Maida then prescribed medical cannabis oil that was not in the form of vapor. The patient used this four times each day for nearly a month.

The patient discovered that the hole on his cheek had stopped growing. The cannabis oil also reduced the size of the wound up to roughly 5% after a month.

Regrettably, the man passed away from cancer after using the oil for only a month. Perhaps if he had started treatment earlier, the end results would have been much different. However, researchers stated that his case provides potential evidence that might prove the positive effects of cannabis on one’s health.

These kinds of stories give us hope that cancer can maybe be cured one day. One small step is that cannabis oil can possibly heal cancer wounds, relieving the suffering of those who get the disease.


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