Where Can I Buy Cannabis Oil in South Africa?

If you are looking to buy high quality, pure cannabis oil, please send us an inquiry. Our team at Cannabis Therapy have a list of suppliers whose products we have personally used and therefore support 100%. Where can you buy cannabis oil in South Africa? Take care choosing a cannabis oil supplier as people out there are unfortunately selling products that could actually be harmful to your health. We only work with the best ingredients and technologies, hence you can be 100% assured of receiving a quality product that will perform as advertised.

What are the Legal Issues?

South Africans are waiting for changes in legislation surrounding cannabis and soon legislation should allow the use of the Cannabis for medicinal purposes. We are certain that many people and organisations are hoping to contribute to the field of medicinal cannabis, also providing jobs if the cannabis has to be planted and processed. Individuals and companies can apply for licence to cultivate cannabis to be able to produce oils such as CBD, THC, balms and lotions. It is important to remember that the new legal framework is due to be released by end of 2017 – it will then need public comment before medical cannabis use is a law.

At Cannabis Therapy we don’t simply push the sale of cannabis derivatives. If you have questions, we have a team of experts to answer them and guide you to find a product that will not only satisfy your budget but also offer some relief for the health issues you are experiencing.

If you would like to know more about how our products have literally helped hundreds of patients over the years, please do not hesitate to contact us today. If you could please send through a short description of the issue you are suffering from, our team will then advise accordingly the best course of treatment going forward. There is also new content continually being added to our website. We advise that all our patients spend time researching and understanding the clear benefits that Cannabis oil and its derivatives could offer you.

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