Is Cannabis Oil Good for Your Skin?

We already know that taking cannabis oil can have a positive or negative effect on your skin, depending on how you use it. You will understand this conundrum better when you see how the cannabis is used.

Cannabis oil can be good for your skin depending on how you use and consume this natural product. Cannabis can have an anti-aging effect or an aging effect but you will only discover this once you have used the plant in different ways. If you consume it by smoking the weed and inhaling the product, you will notice that you age over time. This is because you light the weed, changing its constituency, and the smoke can affect you negatively. If you use cannabis oils internally, without bringing it to ignition point, it has great health benefits which then affect your skin positively. And if you use cannabis externally, for example, when you apply cannabis oil infused products to your skin, you will look younger over time.

Read further about the benefits – including the negatives – that you should bear in mind if considering the use of a cannabis product on your skin.

Good and Bad Effects on your Skin

Cannabis has varying effects on the body and some of these counteract others – particularly in terms of the skin. How can cannabis accelerate or slow down age when it comes to your skin? Cannabis oil can act as an effective anti-aging product for your skin only when it is infused into a cream, balm or beauty product OR when you use it internally, without bringing it to ignition point. If you smoke cannabis, you are igniting the plant and you then get the opposite result – accelerated aging. No one wants to age so you need to understand better how cannabis works on the body in terms of your health.

Collagen is a structural protein, actively responsible for the health of your skin, that needs to be developed to keep your skin looking radiant and youthful. If you smoke weed, the THC smoke blocks the development of these essential proteins, making your skin age faster. You can avoid this by using a vaporizer, consuming edible cannabis products or using cannabis oils in other ways that do not involve combustion.

Cannabis can increase your levels of testosterone, which could lead to unwanted hair loss and the development of acne. But don’t let these side-effects scare you off cannabis. As with too much of anything, you would need to ingest excessive amounts of cannabis for these negative effects to emerge.

Pure Cannabis for Pure Skin

Your skin will evidently benefit the most when you use cannabis oil externally as a cream or balm or when you ingest it without any combustion. Hempseed oil is also conducive to younger looking skin.  If you work on your happiness levels, you lower your chances of developing acne, wrinkles and other skin conditions. Getting rid of your stress and anxiety will contribute to a healthier you and we know that cannabis oil is a great stress-reliever. Cannabis, along with a healthy balanced diet, can go a long way towards improving the condition your skin.

The positive benefits of cannabis outweigh the negatives – and skin quality is simple proof of this. Balance your use of cannabis, your diet and other vital health practices and you will be well on your way to reaching your overall dermatological health. Yes, cannabis oil is good for your skin when used externally as a cream or balm, or when consumed internally without smoking the product.

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