News alert  Cannabis Oil is for sale now in South Africa. Whether you are acquainted with cannabis oil, or whether you are new to the concept, you probably know that it is practically a miracle treatment for a large number of illnesses and ailments. You can just imagine how many people are looking for high quality medical grade cannabis oil in South Africa. If you are one of those people, you will be pleased to hear that there are suppliers who have cannabis oil for sale. Regrettably, very few suppliers in this country make use of a best practice method when producing cannabis oil. Nevertheless, there are those who only make use of medical grade cannabis. These are pure, solvent-free, extraction-processed oils and suppliers avoid storing the oils in syringes. These cannabis oil producers invest in the highest quality equipment and ingredients and care about the superiority of the product they put on the market. Unfortunately, there are only a few producers like these who have valuable cannabis oil for sale. There are far too many sketchy producers who are merely in it for the money and do not care about the well-being of the patients they are supplying.

A valuable tip: If the cannabis oil for sale rsembles black tar, then it went through a crude extraction method. Butane causes the tar-like texture and black colour. This is very impure and unwholesome. Patients who make use of cannabis for medical purposes tend to already have compromised systems. These patients cannot afford to add additional stress and strain on their bodies by consuming substandard cannabis oil. It is strongly recommended, therefore, that you only make use of dealers who are referred by a professional company who specializes in cannabis oil, or a certified doctor.

Recommended Pricing for Cannabis Oil for Sale

Cannabis prices do vary, but if you are buying a quality product then you will be able to compare prices. The price of cannabis oil is directly linked to the amount of product needed in a raw form in order to produce the oil. Industry standards say that from 10 grams of raw product, you will get 1 gram of cannabis oil. If you consider that 1 gram of high quality cannabis can be sold for anything from R100 to R150 on the open market and between R60 to R80 on the wholesale market, the production cost is quite high. When purchasing quality cannabis oil in South Africa, you should not be surprised at paying in the range of R50 to R1200 for 10mls. Any less than this and the producer is most likely cutting corners  – which could make the cannabis oil for sale destructive to your health. If the price is any higher, you are being ripped off.

SO yes, cannabis oil is for sale in South Africa but you need to do your homework before you buy it. Do your research and find reputable companies who use clean processes and clean carrier oils to obtain and sell their product. Remember you are doing this for your health, not for a kick or a quick fix.

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