Cannabidiol (CBD) oil could protect against the advance of diabetes, according to studies.  Research shows that 80% of diabetes patients use two or more diabetes drugs every single day.

CBD Oil Reduced Diabetes in Mice

Injections of 5mg of CBD oil per day greatly reduced diabetes in mice, from a presence of 86% in non-treated controls to only 30% in treated controls. Researchers at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem stated this in 2006. Cannabis Therapy feels that this is an outrageously large statistic and should slap conventional treatments in the face.

The track record for conventional diabetes medicine is not very good. Prescription drugs have various side effects. They are often linked to serious health complications. Many researchers have discovered that long-term use of some conventional diabetes drugs can increase the patients’ risk of cancer and heart disease. CBD oil, meanwhile, treats such conditions. It also has a positive impact on diabetes.

Conventional Diabetes Drugs vs CBD Oil

Patients are conditioned to have complete trust in their doctors. Many doctors persuade patients that it is vital to take drugs to lower their blood sugar. Medical science has been aware about the fatal complications of diabetes drugs since 1969. In this year, the University Group Diabetes Program were horrified by their study results: participants taking diabetes drugs had a 250-300% higher death rate than participants not taking any drugs at all.

CBD oil is the alternative option. Plant-based medicines could be the best way to effectively treat diabetes. An enzyme within our cellular composition known as “tyrosine kinase” requires magnesium in order to allow our naturally produced insulin to release its blood-sugar-lowering capabilities. In a number of studies conducted by Dr. Andrzej Mazur, daily oral exanimated magnesium supplements greatly improved insulin sensitivity by around 10%, and reduced blood sugar by a whopping 37%!

Cannabinoids Like CBD Maintain Immune Health

Cannabinoids act as a sort of negotiator. they try to keep the peace, balance, and harmony between a host of potentially unstable and dangerous cell factions. CBD is also an anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic and anti-anxiety medicine. It is vital to comprehend the process of inflammation, to treat it with magnesium chloride and CBD. This will help to end needless suffering.

CBD oil can assist diabetes patients. Research into alternative forms of therapy is crucial before we commit to medical science to save us. Plant-based medicine is increasingly becoming a viable way to heal the body. Chat to Cannabis Therapy about your CBD oil needs for diabetes.