It is true that you can get cannabis oil in South Africa and we hope to bring you the updated details in this post. Right now, cannabis oil is trending as a medical discovery that puts many pharmaceutical drugs to shame. For not only is cannabis oil completely natural, but so too is it uniquely powerful as a medicinal alternative. Many people do not know this yet, or that cannabis oil is available, right here, in South Africa.

Get Cannabis Oil in South Africa to Treat Disease Naturally

Did you know that people worldwide are choosing natural therapies above brand names that are marketed in bulk and produced by pharmaceutical corporations? Did you know that so many drugs have terrible side effects, sometimes worse than the ailment itself? Take chemotherapy, for example. This drug has been developed to stop cancer but it has a negative effect on every cell in your body. So you feel nauseous, energy-less, in pain and depressed. Cannabis oil can ease all of those side effects.  And what is more, cannabis oil is so natural that it has no negative side effects.

Why Cannabis Oil and Why South Africa?

Cannabis oil is the thick, sticky ingredient that is removed from the cannabis leaves and plants. This resin contains numerous chemical compounds called cannabinoids. The cannabis oil you can get in South Africa consists mainly of cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive chemical compound that is mostly legal, especially as medical cannabis. The other common cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is not legal in South Africa yet, or in many other countries, as it is psychoactive and can make the user high.

It is wise to be careful when sourcing your cannabis oil in South Africa – always buy from reputable dealers and dispensaries, not the black market. Talk to people about what they are using and share ideas about your use of cannabis oil. If you want to get cannabis oil in South Africa, get updated details about its legality first. If you have a good reason for the use of medical cannabis, your doctor can prescribe CBD for you. South African citizens are still waiting for parliament to amend specific sections in the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act.

Updated Details – South Africa and Cannabis Oil

Meanwhile, the SA Department of Health and the local regulatory authority did issue guidelines concerning the growing of cannabis, if it is to be used for medical,scientific and clinical research purposes. People may grow and use cannabis at home, but may not be caught in public with cannabis on their person. People are getting impatient with legal decisions yet to be made as there is increasing evidence concerning the amazing health benefits of CBD and THC. The CBD oil market should grow exponentially during the next 5 years which will have an enormous effect on the sale of cannabis oil in nations like the US and UK.

These updated details about being able to get cannabis oil in South Africa are not clear yet but at least South Africans can start to prepare to sell the cannabis oil. Get a licence from the health regulatory body to grow cannabis and make the products. There will be strict guidelines around how to secure, transport and publicise the use of cannabis in South Africa. Those who want to make CBD products should do their research now and medical practitioners should register to be able to prescribe CBD to patients.

The future is a blank canvas, so why not fill it with cannabis leaves, the oil and plenty of hope? Natural therapies like cannabis oil should be legalised as soon as possible in South Africa.



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