How Cannabis Oil Can Help with Chemotherapy Side Effects

Cannabis Therapy shares how cannabis oil can help with chemotherapy side effects. We know how bad it can be to get cancer. But it is even worse to have to subject your body to chemotherapy on top of this dread disease. Cannabis oil can help with the many side effects of chemotherapy. You will be feeling nauseous, depressed and anxious. You will experience extreme lethargy, insomnia, lack of appetite and pain. Read more here about how you can better deal with the side effects of chemotherapy by taking cannabis oil too.

Chemotherapy in Conjunction with Cannabis Oil Really Works

Everyone knows that if you get cancer, you also get chemotherapy. But Cannabis Therapy has another solution: blend your chemo treatment with controlled dosages of cannabis oil every day and notice the difference. Your quality of life will improve, despite the cancer. When you get cancer, your cells go mad, multiplying and dividing out of control. They refuse to die as normal cells do. Every cell does its job, then dies to make way for new cells. But not cancer cells. These rogue cells inhibit healthy cells from functioning normally and start to spread around the body. The cancer is named from where it originates. So if you get cancer in the colon and it spreads to your liver, it is still called colon cancer. Cancer is painful and all-consuming.

What does Chemo Do?

Chemotherapy is a strong group of drugs. They aim to try and stop, or slow down, the growth of these cancer cells going mad in your body. Oncologists choose from more than 100 different ‘chemotherapies’ to suit your cancer. The chemo is a systemic drug. It targets every cell in your body, not just the cancer cells. So when your healthy cells are blasted with chemo, they have to fight to survive. You start to feel very ill indeed.

Every patient experiences differing side effects and different intensities of these. The chemo affects the white and red blood cells in your body. White blood cells should be defending your body against infection, but their count drops when the chemo attacks them. You get neutropenia and infections start to occur. Red blood cells carry blood around your body, but if the chemo attacks these, your red blood cell drops and you get anemia or a lack of iron in your body. You get very tired and pains in your chest.

Chemotherapy also causes a low platelet cell count known as thrombocytopenia. You bruise and bleed easily. Platelets in the blood help to stem bruising and bleeding. Chemo is known to negatively affect hair follicles and you lose all your hair. You feel nauseous all the time and vomit constantly. You get diarrhea when the cells in your stomach lining are also affected. Chemo also causes muscle and joint pain, respiratory issues, itchy skin, coughing, sore mouth, constipation, anorexia and swollen hands and feet. Which is worse now: the cancer or the chemotherapy?

Cannabinoids Against Chemo Side Effects

Cannabis oil can help with such terrible chemotherapy side effects. The first step for cannabis oil is to boost your quality of life living with cancer. Start to manage the symptoms of the chemo much better. Cannabis oil starts to reduce your nausea and vomiting. The two main cannabinoids in the cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are natural medications which immediately reduce the anticipation of nausea that comes with chemo.

Cannabis oil is also a natural pain killer so cancer patients can let go of their opiates – which also take their toll on the liver and kidneys. CBD is a great reliever of insomnia, booster of appetite and known anti-inflammatory. It will calm the anxiety, ease the depression and allow the patient to eat better and sleep well.

Cannabis oil can also reduce the swelling in hands and feet and improves gastrointestinal issues, itching and extreme tiredness. The best way to take your cannabis oil is alongside, or in conjunction with, your chemotherapy. Manage your own cancer and alleviate your own side effects of chemotherapy with cannabis oil.

Cannabis Therapy will show you how you can use cannabis oil to help with your chemotherapy side effects – contact us today!