The Legal Status of Cannabis in South Africa – an Update

It is very difficult to get any news about the legal status of cannabis in South Africa in an update. Since March 2017, when the Western Cape High Court passed a ruling that allows people to possess, grow and use cannabis in private at their homes, nothing much has happened. But what we do know is that cannabis is still illegal until such time that the law changes to accommodate commercial growers to go ahead and really invest in cannabis. And for companies to make medical cannabis products and for agents to distribute the goods. And for all South Africans to benefit from cannabis in some way. During the past 11 months, those with a keen interest in cannabis have made huge progress towards opening doors for the cultivation of medical cannabis and the production of therapies for health maintenance.

Cannabis Developing Council of SA and National Hemp Foundation Plans

Last October, the Cannabis Developing Council of South Africa was formed to assist local farmers to grow cannabis, so investing in a popular crop and ensuring their own financial security. They aim to work with the National Hemp Foundation to manage and govern the cannabis industry within South Africa. Some of their aims include following international health and safety standards and ensuring all people have fair access to good quality cannabis within a strong regulatory framework. The CDCSA also aims to ensure that all South Africans are able to apply for permits to grow and make cannabis and its products within a framework of international laws and guidance. There would be a regulated data base of all participants across the board and all South African cannabis participants would be protected from foreign exploitation.

What is the Legal Status of Cannabis since 2017?

The legal status of cannabis in South Africa has not seen an update from government yet but what we do know is that it is still an offence to grow cannabis on a large scale. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in cannabis oil is still illegal as it is the chemical compound that causes the high when taken orally or inhaled. It is a popular recreational cannabinoid which has become unpopular with the law.

The CDCSA would make sure the youth did not get hold of cannabis for recreational purposes and they would fight against organised crime using cannabis to make huge profits. One of their main tasks would be to ensure ongoing research and development into the use of sustainable ways of growing and using cannabis in a regulated industry. There would be fair controls on agriculture cultivating this crop, laboratories making the cannabis oil products and how it is sold commercially. Poor farmers would get an equal opportunity to take an active part in a cannabis industry in South Africa and there would be numerous awareness campaigns around the process of cannabis cultivation, production and usage.

KwaZulu-Natal Awaiting National Go Ahead to Grow Cannabis

In KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, the legal status of cannabis is still awaiting an update from government as the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development is keen to start projects of cultivation of “dagga” in the province. Local farmers want to start growing the crop as a commercial venture but the hand brake is still on from national government.  The Department has to still draw up a policy document that changes the use of cannabis from being a weed to being a common cultivated agricultural crop. The high court still needs to add to the ruling that cannabis should not be used for commercial purposes, only at home for personal consumption.

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