Mom saves chronically ill daughter with Cannabis and now wants to grow the drug

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An Australian mother has resorted to cooking up her own cannabis oil in her own kitchen to treat her chronically ill daughter, because the conventional drugs were doing more damage than good.

Katrina Spraggon has 4 children and her 9-year-old daughter Kaitlyn is a very sickly girl who suffers from 19 long term illnesses including cerebral palsy, refractory epilepsy and severe scoliosis. Spraggon has moved completely away from the cocktail of drugs her daughter was taking, which included damaging opiates for pain and seizure management.

From vegetable to animated child

She said that Kaitlyn used to be a vegetable sitting in a chair with a vacant gaze and no quality of life. Since taking the homemade cannabis oil, the 9-year-old girl has completely changed, as if she has a new lease on life. Kaitlyn even laughed for the first time in her life and is receptive and attentive!

Legal issues around cannabis in Australia

The problem with taking cannabis oil in Australia is that it not yet legal in the Northern Territory. While Spraggon and her family live in Queensland (where medical cannabis oil can be prescribed by doctors who are treating patients with severe diseases or health conditions) she has chosen to grow it herself. This is illegal.

Even if she wanted to buy the medical cannabis, Spraggon would have to import the product from Denmark or Canada at the hefty cost of $5 000. Undeterred, Spraggon has acquired 8 lawful reports from different doctors who reassure her to carry on using cannabis oil to treat her sickly daughter. She has even approached the prime minister to hear her case.

Buying cannabis and making oils no matter what

Meanwhile, this determined mother has been driven to save her daughter by importing 3 different cannabis oils. Two of these come from friends in other Australian states where it can be used legally, and one is from her own stash of marijuana which she buys from blackmarket dealers for about $230 an ounce – which should last her 2 to 3 months.

Spraggon is open about her buying and growing of cannabis as she has come to that stage where she knows it is the best thing her daughter ever took for her illnesses. And she believes that it should be legalised to save the lives of other children who may be suffering similar diseases and taking conventional drugs which are notorious for their terrible side effects.

Happy changes in a small girl

Growing her own cannabis at home to make cannabis oils for Kaitlyn has empowered Spraggon to be outspoken and make a case for cannabis oil legalisation in her state. She cannot believe the changes in her daughter:

  • She laughed for the first time ever and smiles often
  • She seems to have come alive, from being an unresponsive “vegetable”
  • She is hungrier and thirstier than usual
  • There are no side-effects
  • The seizures can be controlled and don’t last long any more
  • She interacts with her mother and plays with her siblings now

A new lease on life

Spraggon said that she is not concerned about the lawful penalties and that she would rather break the law than see her daughter suffer every day, or have to bury her. Before starting cannabis oil as a treatment for Kaitlyn, Spraggon said that her daughter would experience heart and breathing distress during her fits. Then Spraggon would conduct CPR and give her more pain killers. This turned her 9-year-old child into a zombie for up to 5 days. Now, when Kaitlyn takes cannabis oil for her seizures, she is fine in 20 minutes, needing to eat and choosing to play.

Spraggon says that she has finally got her daughter back and wants to keep her alive so will keep growing cannabis illegally until someone hears her call.

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