New Cannabis Topical Cream – Why You Need It Now

Our new cannabis topical cream contains cannabis oil as one of the main ingredients Рand we know why you need it. You need Panacea Pain Relief Balm for pain, for inflammation and for general muscular aches. This ultra strength pain relief balm will save your life when your skin is irritated from the sun, or you suffer from dermatitis, acne, psoriasis or eczema. Make sure you invest in our 120m, tub of the best cannabis healing balm on the market. It is worth it. The topical cream contains cannabis oil, hemp oil, coconut oil and shea butter to soothe  your skin. Add essential oils ensure the complete healing process: lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint oils are known for their medicinal values.

Natural Topical Pain Relief

Cannabis Therapy aims to ensure your health through the promotion of natural cannabis products. Our all new Panacea Pain Relief Balm is guaranteed to grant you respite from any skin rashes, pains and irritations. Rub it into your joints if you suffer from arthritis and with continued use, you will notice a huge improvement in joint movement and lack of pain. Patients prefer topical cannabis creams because they are easy to use, do not come with any psychotic effects and act immediately on the point of pain. Some cannabis balms also contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the cannabinoid in cannabis that makes you high. But in a cream, they cannot make you high but they have huge benefits when absorbed directly through the epidermis. Choose a cannabis-infused topical for your aches and you cannot go wrong. The THC and also the cannabidiol (CBD) cling to pain receptors in the skin which are stimulated by the innate endocannabinoids or the cannabis cannabinoids. The endocannabinoid system regulates the body’s balance in terms of moods, metabolism, temperature and feelings. The immune system stays strong if everything is in balance.

Medical Cannabis for Injury or Arthritis

There are many ways of taking cannabis but the topical cream is acceptable and widely used as a medicinal answer to pain. Medical marijuana is taking off worldwide but the creams are doubly popular as they do not promote cannabis as a recreational drug for getting a high. Cannabinoids contain properties that stop cell oxidation and can take the place of opiates you buy at the pharmacy to relieve pain from injury or arthritis. Topical creams containing cannabis oils actually help to regulate the immune reactions in the skin.

When it comes to arthritis, our all new cannabis Panacea Pain Relief Balm will certainly cure the pain associated with joints and cartilage. The THC and CBD not only stimulate the immune system to work harder but they also promote the strengthening and growth of the affected bones. They are known pain relievers which treat inflammation rapidly. Make sure you get our new cannabis topical cream as we know you need it – maybe for pain, for arthritis and for skin irritations but definitely to have in your home as a medicinal therapy.

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