Parents are afraid to try cannabis oil to treat childhood autism. But studies reveal that cannabis oil is a better medication to choose for autism than some pharmaceutical drugs.

Cannabis Oil is a Good Medication for Childhood Autism

Cannnabis oil can comprise cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Some oils comprise a combination of these cannabinoids. There are more than 100 cannabinoids in cannabis. CBD and THC are the best known, and most used, chemical compounds to treat health issues. Some parents have tried CBD cannabis oil to treat childhood autism – it is non-toxic and non-psychoactive. Cannabis Therapy can reinforce the positive effects of cannabis oil for autism. It has no harmful side effects and the child can never overdose.

What is Childhood Autism?

One in 68 American children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This name covers a wide range of disorders with similar yet varying symptoms. According to UCSanDiegoHealth, The neurodevelopmental disorder is complex, with multiple known or suspected causative factors, from inherited genetic mutations to environmental conditions to metabolic dysfunction. A major consequence is abnormal development and functioning of connectivity and communications between brain cells and among neural networks, resulting in many of the observed social and cognitive impairments in persons with ASD.

These include:

  • repetitive behaviour,
  • being very good at specific activities,
  • slower speech development,
  • social discomfort and not making eye contact,
  • not wanting to make conversation,
  • anxiety.

Often, childhood autism arises with other disorders like insomnia, phobias, gastrointestinal disorder, stress, ADHD and obsessive compulsive disorder. When a child with autism battles to communicate, he/she becomes very agitated and enraged. The child will then resort to self-soothing or self-harm.

How Can Cannabis Oil Treat Childhood Autism?

CBD-infused cannabis oil is anti-anxiety, calming and an anti-depressant. Give CBD to a child and help wean them off harsh pharmaceutical drugs. These often have terrible side effects. There is evidence that the CBD enables concentration and focus, better cognitive abilities, better social abilities and the feeling of fitting in better. Even language and communication improve to the extent that the child can be understood. The child then feels better about himself.

Parents who use cannabis oil for their children with autism form support groups. They want to reinforce the evidence that cannabis oil can treat childhood autism. They experiment with dosages – every child is different and every case of autism is different. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before deciding to take cannabis oil as a natural therapy. Be clear about your intentions. And when the good results come, evidence will show the doctors that medical cannabis should be legalised in more countries worldwide.

CBD Treats Other Disorders While Treating Autism

Some autistic children also have epilepsy and CBD is proven to treat seizures in children. CBD can reduce the intensity and frequency of seizures. Other drugs tend to make the child sleepy and irritable. These medications can also affect the liver, kidneys, stomach and mental state of the child. Anti-psychotic drugs tend to remove the child even more from society. They cause the child to become disengaged and depressed. CBD relieves all the symptoms of autism: insomnia, anxiety, communication, focus and self-esteem. Try cannabis oil to treat childhood autism and we can advise you about dosage and variety, right here at Cannabis Therapy.