What exactly is Dabbing in South Africa?

Read what our team at Cannabis Therapy has to say about Dabbing and how Dabbing works. Dabbing refers to a Specific method used by a patient to ingest a cannabis concentrate.

But what is a dab? A dab refers to a does of cannabis concentrate that is heated and then inhaled through a device known as a dab rig.

What exactly are Dabs and how are they made?

Dabs are super-concentrated doses of cannabis made by extracting all the THC and CBD compounds in a particular cannabis plant. The extraction process creates a product that can resemble glass (known as shatter) or a honey comb wax (known as wax). Dabbing is as controversial way of getting your cannabis quota for the day as it is extremely strong and can contain very high levels of THC which make you high. The concentrated cannabis is called Butane Honey Oil (BHO) or Butane Hash Oil as the cannabis plant is soaked in butane which is then heated until the glass-like mixture occurs.

A dab of BHO.

What are the medical benefits of Dabbing?

Dabbing can be extremely effective at helping to deliver high doses of THC or CBD oils to patients who are in chronic pain. Dabbing offers the patient almost instant relief from pain and discomfort. The primary reason people use it is that it is so effective as you are consuming such a highly concentrated dose in a short space of time. The results speak for themselves – similar to an injection vs a pill.

At Cannabis Therapy we help to supply high quality medical cannabis products to our patients.If you are interested in our dabbing products, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our team is always on hand to help advise and suggest which product would be ideal for your particular medical need. It is very important that you screen your supplier and make sure that they are comfortable enough to discuss how they produce their products.

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