Will Cannabis Oil Relieve Psychosis?

Many people are wondering if cannabis oil will relieve psychosis. Cannabis oil rich in cannabidiol (CBD) does relieve psychosis. Research has found that CBD has positive impacts on mental illnesses.Some cannabinoids induce psychosis if taken in the wrong doses. CBD is very different from tetrahydrocannabindol (THC) which gives the user a high and plays with the mental state. CBD can ease migraines, anxiety and depression – all linked to the mind or brain.

Cannabis oil may not cure Schizophrenia but it can relieve psychosis associated with the disease. Wikipedia states that psychosis is “an abnormal condition of the mind that involves a loss of contact with reality. People experiencing psychosis may exhibit personality changes and thought disorder. Depending on its severity, this may be accompanied by unusual or bizarre behaviour, as well as difficulty with social interaction and impairment in carrying out daily life activities. Psychosis as a sign of a psychiatric disorder is a diagnosis of exclusion.”

CBD is Perfect for Mental Issues

CBD is the perfect cannabinoid for people with mental issues. This cannabinoid is anti-psychotic and can calm the mind down. A CBD-enriched cannabis oil will relieve psychosis as it interacts with receptors in the brain. These manage moods, emotions and the ongoing healthy balance of the immune system. Schizophrenic patients come out of their shells and enjoy being social when they take CBD daily in large doses.

People with Schizophrenia are usually anti-social and have confused ideas about reality. CBD can improve memory¬† and help mental illness patients to recognise objects and people. CBD can also relieve the hallucinations experienced by Schizophrenia sufferers. The body’s endocannabinoid system regulates the immune system and psychotic behaviour arises if there is too much change.

Cannabis Oil is Anti-Psychotic

CBD and THC both interact with complex receptor proteins in the brain and they do so differently. CBD tends to do its work in the pleasure center of the brain where it can induce the same effects as anti-psychotic medication, with no side effects. Conventional medication causes permanent movement disorders, weight gain, diabetes and lack of motivation. This means that cannabis does not cause psychosis.

Only THC is psychoactive and can cause hallucinations and paranoia if over-used and incorrectly used. CBD is a medicinal compound with no psychotic effects. CBD can actually mimic the effects of anti-psychotic medication, stimulating the same molecular signaling pathways. There are no harmful side effects though, and the patient feels better very quickly. CBD is also a relaxing compound which addresses anxiety and depression.

Relieve Psychosis with Cannabis Oil

Will cannabis oil relieve psychosis? Yes, it will! Always take your cannabis oil with advice from your medical practitioner. Try the CBD strain first to ensure you have no side effects. THC can make you high and even worsen the psychosis. Chat to us about our range of cannabis oils at Cannabis Therapy and choose your method of intake. Our cannabis oil capsules are pre-dosed and combined with 100% organic coconut oil for greater absorption. We recommend capsules for more accurate dosing to relieve your psychosis. Our cannabis oil tinctures are a solution of cannabis oil with a 100% organic coconut oil to increase absorption. This is the most popular choice to take cannabis oil and a very effective way to relieve your psychosis.