Have you ever used cannabis oil to treat your skin and joints? The best way to do this is to use a cannabis cream and to apply it topically. There are more available cannabis oil creams out there now, made specifically to treat skin and joints. Cannabis Therapy is proud of our Panacea pain relief cream for arthritis and muscle pain. We also market a new face cream which can be used at night to fight aging and dry skin.

CBD Cream Treats Arthritis and Skin Complaints

Tests have found that cannabis oil treats your skin and joints. If you choose a cannabidiol (CBD) based cream, you cannot go wrong. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and brings immediate pain relief. This cannabinoid interacts with receptors in the skin, playing a role in balancing the health of the immune system. The receptors are part of the body’s endocannabinoid system which is there to maintain a constant state of homeostasis, good health, in all bodily functions. If the skin and joints are painful or showing signs of aging or inflammation, CBD is the best therapy. Simply rub in a CBD cream and feel the effects in days.

Our Panacea pain relief cannabis oil cream is manufactured to deal with arthritis and other joint issues. CBD offers pain relief, better sleep, less stress and better movement. It brings down the swelling and reduces inflammation. Patients with arthritis can wean themselves off their pharmaceutical medication when they start CBD as it is so effective.

THC Treats Skin and Joint Pain

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the other cannabinoid found in cannabis that is ideal for pain in the joints and skin. This compound, however, is psychoactive and is used as a recreational drug by many people who like to feel high. It is also a powerful antidote to pain and inflammation. When used in a cream or a balm and applied externally to skin and joints, the THC is no longer psychotic. Taking CBD and THC means that arthritis patients can reduce or halt their use of opiates which have harmful side effects and can cause addiction issues.

CBD works to reduce pain and inflammation by blocking the creation of pro-inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. Cytokines are created as a response to injury or infection and the immune system triggers them when it is not working properly. THC is actually more potent than using aspirin for pain, and both CBD and THC have none of the side effects caused by aspirin and other pain killers, including ulcers and bleeding in the stomach, heart attacks and kidney issues.

Panacea Pain Balm

Panacea Pain Balm has become the topical solution for everybody experiencing localised pain.This CBD balm is the most natural and organic solution you can choose when compared to the other pain creams and oral medications on the market. Panacea Pain Relief Balm has never been tested on animals and is 100% vegan and organic. Such superior effectiveness could be a result of its distinctive blend of cannabis and hemp oils, added essential oils (Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary,) and carrier organic ingredients (such as shea butter and coconut oil).

Cannabis oil in a cream like Panacea treats your skin and joints! Chat to us today to get your tub.

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