Autism and Cannabis Oil


What is Autism?

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, refers to a collection of complex disorders that affect brain development. As a “spectrum,” ASD affects individuals in varying degrees, but generally a person with autism will suffer from three core symptoms:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Difficulties in social interaction
  • Repetitive – sometimes self-injurious – behaviours

While some ASD children may be characterised as having an intellectual disability, some – often characterised as “high-functioning”- excel in music, maths and art. Symptoms may also improve as they get older. Other ASD children, however, are unable to speak and may engage in self-harming behaviours.

What Causes Autism?

Until recent years, no one knew the answer to this question. Now we know that there is no single cause of autism and that research indicates that autism can be traced to early brain development. Within the last few years, researchers have identified a number of mutations, or rare gene changes – and a few of these may act as a catalyst for autism. In other cases, autism may be caused by a combination of environmental factors and a genetic predisposition, which affect early brain development.

The most obvious signs of autism surface between ages 2 and 3, so groups like the Organization for Autism Research have been funding research efforts to help detect autism at earlier ages. Early diagnoses may improve the effect of treatment options.

Other risk factors may include:

  • Age of a parent (or parents) at time of conception
  • Maternal illness during pregnancy
  • Difficulties during pregnancy or birth—for example, oxygen deprivation to a baby’s brain

Independently, none of these factors causes autism. But in conjunction with genetic factors, the risk increases. There is encouraging evidence that a woman may decrease the chances of autism in her child if she follows a diet that includes folic-rich foods and prenatal vitamins before and after conception.

Can Cannabis Treat Autism?

The short answer is yes, we have seen quite a number of Autistic children respond very well to a pure CBD oil treatment plan. Ultimately, you will need to try it and see if it improves your child’s behaviour. If you would like to know more about how Cannabis oil can help with Autism today, please do not hesitate to send us an email.


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