Can Cannabis Oil Treat Cervical Cancer?

There is huge potential for cannabis oil to cure cervical cancer and maybe it already can. Studies recently carried out in vitro show how cannabis does kill cancer cells in the cervix by forcing them to commit suicide through apoptosis. The scientists used cannabis oil containing cannabidiol (CBD) and other herbal extracts and the CBD displayed cancer-fighting qualities.

What is cervical cancer?

Cancer of the cervix is the most common cancer type in South Africa, with one in 26 women getting it. Doctors have found that poorer women seem to get it more due to lack of access to annual Pap smear facilities or vaccines – and lack of funds to see gynaecologists. Globally, cervical cancer is the fourth most prevalent cause of cancer deaths among females. Today, Pap smears are vital so that doctors can detect abnormal cells in the cervix. If they do, they then test for the human papillomavirus (HPV), which usually rears its ugly head before cancer takes over. The positive news is that cervical cancer is treatable and preventable. Women need to go for regular Pap smears (every year) and to take care about their sexual relations as HPV is transmitted mainly via sex. Many young women are now also getting the vaccine to prevent the cancer. If caught early, cervical cancer can be eradicated with surgery or radiation but if not found in time, it can spread to other organs and this is dangerous. Every year around the world there are more than 500 000 new cases of cervical cancer, and some 250 000 women die from it.

CBD can Help Women with no Access to Annual Health Checks

Cannabis oil can no doubt soon treat cervical cancer. Many women in Africa use herbs to heal their ill-health and cannabis would be one of the herbs they could keep in their medicinal collections. It would save them the stress of getting to clinics for Pap smears, using their savings to see a doctor or gynaecologist and then having to treat the cancer if they get it. Local growers could sell the cannabis oil to extraction labs where it could be made into useful medications for cancers like cervical cancer.

When the cannabinoids from the cannabis plant (including CBD) were used in tests to fight cancer cells, they were able to protect healthy cells from apoptosis while forcing the cancerous cells to die. The cannabinoids use signalling pathways to stop tumours developing and to end the lives of cancer cells. More research is needed before doctors can be sure that this is all happening inside the human body and that cancer is being stopped in its tracks. Meanwhile cannabinoids are fast becoming a more acceptable and exciting medicinal choice when it comes to treating cancer.

Take a look at our products and see which type of cannabis oil you need to treat a condition you may have, even cancer. Remember that lab tests have found that cannabis oil does cure cervical cancer and now we need human proof. Contact us for more information and advice.


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