How Cannabis Oil Can Kill Your Cancer

Cannabis Therapy knows how cannabis oil can kill your cancer. Because we believe in cannabis and the associated cannabinoids extracted from this amazing medicinal plant. If you are a cancer patient who has tried chemotherapy and does not want to give up, we can assist you. Or if you know anyone who has cancer and wants to go the healthy route, let us know.

Cannabis Therapy promotes high quality cannabis oils in various products that can kill your cancer. When you use our safe, natural cannabis oil, you are guaranteed a stronger immune system. Fight the cancer better and feel relief too from the side effects of chemotherapy.

Our cannabis oil comes in very effective forms:

  • capsules for accurate dosages,
  • tinctures mixed with organic coconut oil to increase absorption,
  • a topical balm for long-lasting pain relief,
  • a face cream to nourish your skin and fight cancer cells.

Choose your method to fight and kill your cancer. Save money when using cannabis oil. Compare this to the costs of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But always confer with your doctor before you start to take cannabis oils. Every patient is different and has different needs for, and reactions to, cannabis.

What is CBD?

Cannabis oils are extracts from the cannabis plant. They contain many different chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the most common and most popular cannabinoids for use as medicinal therapies. Research has shown that THC and CBD interact with CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors on the cancer cells. This encourages increased ceramide and forces the cancer cells to commit suicide, or undergo programmed cell death.

This process is essential for the maintenance of normal cellular homeostasis. It is an important physiological response to many forms of cellular stress. Cancer cells do not usually die but continue to spread and multiply. When patients take cannabis oils constantly for a period of time, they keep up the metabolic pressure on cancer cells to die and to stop proliferating. It is therefore safe to say that cannabis oil can killĀ  your cancer.

Cannabis Oil and its Origins

Cannabis oil is extracted mainly from the flowers of the cannabis plant, It is the most concentrated form of cannabis. People have been taking cannabis oils as tinctures, in capsules and suppositories, in creams and in food as edibles for hundreds of years. Cannabis was grown in China since 4000BC according to historical data. It is one of the oldest medicinal and recreational drugs around.

Cannabis oil can kill your cancer. It can also cure asthma, Crohn’s Disease, diabetes, glaucoma, migraines, epilepsy, anorexia arthritis, psoriasis and much more. Ask us at Cannabis Therapy for more information about how you can kill your cancer with cannabis oils.


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