At Cannabis Therapy, we believe that cannabis oil can treat prostate cancer. Research shows the positive effects of cannabis oil on cancer.

What is the Prostate?

The prostate is a tiny gland in the man’s body that generates, feeds and carries the sperm. This walnut-shaped gland is prone to cancer. Prostate cancer is the second most prevalent cancer in men. Prostate cancer usually stays in the prostate and can be cured. Sometimes, however, cancerous tumours spread into other organs of the body, even the bones. Prostate cancer can be treated and even cured if it is caught early.

Doctors think that cells within the prostate gland become abnormal, causing the cancer to grow. Risk factors include:

  • being obese/overweight
  • being black (white men do not get the disease as much as black men but the reason remains uncertain),
  • family history of prostate OR breast cancers
  • older age.

Increasing evidence reveals that cannabis oils can treat prostate cancer.

CBD Treats Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a symptom of modern society. Cannabis oil has been shown to benefit other cancers so why not prostate cancer? Growing research shows that cannabis and its main cannabinoids, namely cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), contain anti-androgenic properties.This means it can help slow down the production of testosterone, a male sex hormone that makes the prostate cells grow.

When testosterone is reduced, the prostate cancer is treated easier. It has also been found that CBD can force cancer cells to kill themselves (aptosis) and stop the spread of tumours. This would greatly assist in the treatment of prostate cance. CBD could stop the cancer in the prostrate before it has a chance to form tumours and invade other organs and bones.

Treating Prostate Cancer Effectively

Prostate cancer symptoms include:

  • blood in sperm,
  • pain in bones,
  • difficulties urinating,
  • discomfort in pelvic region,
  • erectile dysfunction.

Cannabis Therapy suggests cancer patients use cannabis oil to treat cancer as early as possible. Take it alongside conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy. CBD will relieve the terrible side effects of these cancer treatments. It will also aid with better sleep, pain, appetite and depression. Cannabis oil can treat prostate cancer.