Cannabis Therapy often gets inquiries from prospective patients asking whether our products will cure their cancer. We tell them that we have many patients who have beaten the cancer back into remission. Or who have at least gotten it back under control by successfully using our products – in conjunction with conventional medicine.We know that we should not use the word “cure” due to ongoing clinical trials to prove that cannabis oil does cure cancer. We know our cannabis oil treats cancer and many people walk away with a new lease on life.

Medical grade cannabis oil can heal your life. It boosts your health, improves your self-esteem and allows your body to do its job in maintaining a healthy state of homeostasis. Replace your daily pill intake with cannabis oil and feel the difference in a matter of days. Cannabis oil does what other expensive drugs do, but at no cost to your future.

Cannabis oil is an extraction obtained from cannabis and contains numerous chemical compounds that are known as cannabinoids. The two most prominent cannabinoids, increasingly used to treat numerous ailments, are cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The best cannabis oil is derived from medical grade high quality, organic cannabis, not affected by chemicals or pesticides. THC and CBD are derived when heat is applied to cannabis and cannabis acids are activated to produce the cannabinoids we know.

Cancer is a terrible disease, with a massive impact on the patient’s family and friends. Chemotherapy is a painful and exhausting treatment protocol. Cannabis Therapy cannabis oil products deal with the side-effects of the chemotherapy. They also help to attack the cancer cells, pushing them into retreat. Many of our clients who embark on strong cannabis therapy to treat cancer say our products gave them a fighting chance.

Cancer cells are unlike healthy cells as they do not die but continue to spread and multiply. When cancer patients take cannabis oils constantly for a period, they keep up the metabolic pressure on cancer cells to die and to stop proliferating. It is therefore safe to say that cannabis oil can kill your cancer. Studies have revealed that THC and CBD interact with CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors on cancer cells which encourages increased ceramide. This forces the cancer cells to commit suicide, or experience programmed cell death, which is essential for the maintenance of normal cellular homeostasis and is an important physiological response to many forms of cellular stress.

Does Cannabis Oil Make you High?

Cannabis oil containing a high percentage of THC will give you that high feeling. It is ideal for patients suffering from pain. If you are not interested in the high feeling, then our CBD-rich cannabis oil would be ideal. This cannabis oil contains all the goodness of cannabis without the high feeling. It is ideal for a whole range of situations and is even safe for children to use. Cannabis oil can be taken a number of different ways: ingest it orally, rub it in as a cream or pop in a suppository. Whatever method you prefer, we have a product that will work for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff today for an on-line consultation. We can help to identify the right product to treat whichever ailment you are suffering from.