Cannabis Oil manages side effects of Chemotherapy

Order your cannabis oil from Cannabis Therapy and see how it helps with your chemotherapy side effects.

It is really bad getting cancer but having to deal with the side effects of the medication, chemotherapy, is even worse. At last you can reduce these side effects with top quality cannabis oil from Cannabis Therapy. We understand how chemotherapy can be so debilitating that you think it will kill you before the cancer does! Research is now showing that taking cannabis oil alongside chemotherapy will reduce the effects of the medication which are truly unpleasant and unnecessary.

What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a strong treatment given to cancer patients and often involves several medications in one. These strong drugs are given to the patient orally or intravenously and are meant to slow down or stop the growth of the cancer cells. There are more than 100 different chemo medications which aim to also stop cancer tumours forming and spreading. Chemotherapy is systemic which means it affects every cell in the body – the cancerous cells and the healthy cells. So when the healthy cells are hit by chemotherapy which attacks them, cancer patients experience nasty side effects. They feel very ill indeed as their healthy cells battle to survive the onslaught of the chemo. Every patient experiences different side effects and different degrees of the side effects.

What are the Side Effects of Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy affects every cell in the body. Some cells need to divide quickly but these get damaged by the chemo. White blood cells are there to defend the body against infection but when affected by chemo, the white blood cell count drops. This is called neutropenia and means infections can set in. Red blood cells are there to carry blood around your body. If the red blood cell count drops, you get anemia (iron deficiency) and this means you feel tired, get chest pains and other dangerous symptoms. Platelets are little things in the blood that help to stop bleeding. A low platelet cell count is called thrombocytopenia and results in bruising and bleeding.

Hair falls out as the hair follicle cells are affected. Cancer patients also feel nauseous, vomit and get diarrhea as the stomach lining cells are affected too. Other side affects include shivering, sore mouth, constipation, anorexia, pain when swallowing, swelling hands and feet, itchy skin, difficulty in breathing, coughing and joint or muscle pain.

How can Cannabis Oil Manage the Side Effects?

Cannabis Oil has always relieved the feelings of nausea and the symptoms of vomiting in various illnesses including cancer. The main cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can control symptoms of nausea and the anticipation of nausea that chemotherapy patients feel. The body automatically wants to reject the chemo but THC assists the patient to manage these feelings of nausea caused by the chemo. The cannabis oils can also better manage the pain that chemo and cancer cause – this is often nerve damage when taking chemo. Some patients have said that their excruciating pain was better relieved by cannabis oil than by opiates (prescribed pain killers). Cannabis oil also contributes to better management of side effects of chemo. The oils can improve sleep patterns, reduce anxiety and boost appetite so that food actually is something to look forward to.

Other studies have reported that cannabis oils reduce swelling in the hands and feet because CBD and THC are anti-inflammatory compounds. Constipation, sexual arousal, itching and fatigue are all improved when cancer patients take cannabis oil alongside their chemotherapy.

Contact us today to find out more about our cannabis oils and products, all made with natural ingredients. Cannabis oil has no side effects so is an ideal therapy for cancer patients who are having chemotherapy.

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