Skin Cancer gets Better with Cannabis Oil Cream

Skin cancer gets better with cannabis oil cream. This is according to increasing research into the use of medical cannabis and cancer. Skin cancer creeps up on you over time then suddenly you need to get better. Get some cannabis oil cream and rub it in diligently a few times a day and see the results. Should you go this route, you ask, instead of chemotherapy and radiotherapy? Should you have surgery instead of making sure your skin cancer gets better with cannabis oil cream?

These choices are difficult to make but in the end, it is your life you are taking into your own hands. Another option is to combine your chemotherapy or surgery with the cannabis oil cream as the cannabis removes the side effects and you feel great while sorting out your cancer. Get better with cannabis oil cream in a healthy, natural way – Panacea Pain Relief Balm is the way to treat your skin cancer and it is brimming with cannabis oil.

Treating Your Skin Cancer with CBD and THC

Treating your skin cancer with exogenous cannabinoids or phytocannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the cannabis plant works. There are even anecdotal stories about patients with skin cancer applying cannabis oil cream to their wounds, covering it with a plaster, and seeing the cancer disappear over a matter of weeks. Everyone has cannabinoid receptors spread over their skin and these offer binding areas for THC and CBD to do their good work. Human bodies make their own cannabinoids called endocannabinoids which are vital to maintain the innate healthy balance of our immune system and healthy physiological functions.

Natural Cannabis Oil Cream For Your Skin Cancer

The best thing about using cannabis oil cream to make skin cancer get better is that it remains non-psychoactive and has no side effects. Rub it into the cancerous area regularly and watch the wound heal. Choose a cannabis cream with both CBD and THC for maximum effects. There are even ideas to combine a cannabis cream with a sun cream to prevent the skin cancer from even starting. There are reports that CBD has been able to halt and even reverse the progress of cancer in skin cells. Cannabinoids like CBD stimulate receptors CB1 and CB2 in the skin to force cancerous cells to commit suicide. The cannabis oil also stops tumours from growing and spreading and they have to die. This kind of research is ground-breaking and could mean the success of medical cannabis. A natural way to treat your skin cancer. We know that your skin cancer gets better with cannabis oil cream. Chat to one of our consultants to hear how Cannabis Therapy can assist you with the right cannabis oil balm forĀ  your needs.




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