A woman’s cancer disappears thanks to cannabis oil treatment. A story in the UK Independent newspaper about a 48-year-old woman who tried cannabis oil to cure her brain tumour. She succeeded, is now free from cancer and a true believer in cannabis oil. This story brings hope to other cancer patients. This story brings credibility to cannabis oil as a cancer fighter.

Brain Tumour and Stage 4 Cancer

Doctors discovered a malignant, terminal tumour in Lynn Cameron’s brain several years ago. Her life reeled before her eyes when she was told she had between 6 and 18 months left to live. She immediately went the conventional medicine route, enduring many Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy treatments.

All scans sadly showed that this unhealthy mass of cells in her brain was not getting any smaller. Cameron could not believe that she had been diagnosed with stage 4 terminal brain cancer. She was determined to try harder to save her life.

Cannabis Oil Treatment for Cancer

Then a friend told her about cannabis oil and proposed that she try it. Cameron felt afraid as the cannabis oil was illegal (the year was 2013). She tried it – and she is still alive today. She administered the cannabis oil dosage under her tongue for a rapid impact.

Cannabis oil is a natural, alternative medicine. Cameron read about all the natural ways to kill cancer. She stopped eating acidic foods, concentrating on eating alkaline nutrients. She also stopped all sugar and processed foods. Every time she went for a scan, the tumour was getting smaller. Cameron was convinced it was the work of the cannabis oil. Her doctors were adamant that even the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy would not be able to help her.

Secret Cannabis Oil Treatment Kills Cancer

Lynn kept quiet about her use of cannabis oil. It was still illegal and her doctors remained sceptical about such natural medicines. When her brain tumour completely disappeared, Cameron knew that this was the work of the cannabis oil, a miracle panacea.

When the sixth brain scan showed no cancer, Cameron decided to tell her doctors about her cannabis oil treatment.  Their reactions were total disbelief. They even scoffed at her natural and organic diet. How ironic that the very doctors who told Cameron that the cancer would kill her were now disregarding the success of cannabis oil in treating her brain tumor!

Choose Cannabis Oil and Believe it Works

Cameron notes that her survival was up to her. The use of cannabis as a treatment for cancer was not a priority in those days – especially by the medical profession. There was no mention of cannabis research in the British Medical Journal either.

Today Cameron is one of a growing tribe of cannabis oil followers who swear by its natural health properties. There are many more stories about how this plant has cured cancer. Doctors and researchers still warn people to be aware that there is no real proof that cannabis oil does in fact cure cancer.

Studies done in laboratories and using animals have shown that cannabinoids do have various impacts on cancer cells. But there is not enough indication from clinical trials that cannabinoids can be safe and effective enough to treat cancer.

Does Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Scientists are still awaiting the findings from research on the use of cannabis to kill cancer cells. Tests do reveal that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can kill tumours.

A team of Spanish researchers are presently doing tests to find out whether cannabinoids can kill brain cancers called gliomas. This aggressive cancer usually gives the patient no hope, even after surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The Spanish team discovered 17 years ago that THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, killed glioblastoma cells. The THC cut off all blood supply to the tumour, starving the tumour and forcing the cancer cells to commit suicide.

In a normal healthy body, cells grow old and die off naturally. This is called programmed cell death or apoptosis. During autophagy, the body naturally gets rid of old or damaged cells. But cancer cells do not do this. Instead, they continue to develop and eventually create terrible tumours. The good news now is that THC can force these obstinate cancer cells to experience programmed cell death and die.

Different patients would need different ratios of cannabinoids daily to work on their cancer cells. There is no single answer and there is no way to tell how the cannabis oil will work, or not.

The good news is that Lynn Cameron is still alive. She believes in cannabis oil as a cure for cancer. More stories about people who have survived cancer thanks to cannabis oil are emerging.